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A favorite is always represented with a minus sign on the moneyline. Sportsbooks make a ton of money on parlay bets because the odds offered are typically less than fair. Let’s say you make a two-team parlay where both teams are listed at -110 odds. Sportsbooks will typically list the odds of this parlay at +265.

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True Odds – True odds are the actual odds of an event happening. In sports betting this is the most accurate point spread or moneyline. Margin – This is a wager where a bettor selects a team to win or lose by a specific number of points regardless of the point spread. For example, the Oakland Raiders will defeat the Los Angeles Chargers by points. Grand Salami – A popular hockey bet which the wager is for the over/under on total number of goals scored by all teams in a day.

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What should stick out here is the fact that bettors are required to risk more when betting on a favorite on the moneyline to achieve their desired result. Because the favorite is deemed more likely to win a game, they require more risk to win the same amount. In this example, a winning $50 bet on the Knicks would win $100, the same amount that a $300 bet on the Nets would yield.

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Caesars Sportsbook also reported sharp money on the Broncos, who opened as 2½-point favorites on the look-ahead line. Use the rotation number/numbers and the name of the team/teams you want to bet on. The rotation number appears to the left of each team and is used as a unique identifier so that there is no confusion about what you want. The Parlay Calculator is a great tool to see what kind of return you can create while avoiding the pitfalls of risk. Similar to our Spread and 1st Half Odds, every matchup is listed in order of Rotation and those numbers are preceded by the Date and Time of the College Football game. The number you see next to the plus sign is how much you WIN if you bet $100.

In the case of the Super Bowl, you’re not a winner or loser until you see zeros on the clock in the final game. There are a few things that basketball bettors should keep in mind when wagering on moneylines in this league. The best NBA moneyline advice is to avoid betting on teams with steep moneyline odds. While a -500 favorite may seem like it can’t miss, it is always possible that an upset happens in a league like the NBA. Instead of incurring that kind of risk, bettors might want to consider looking for value in the point-spread market or with NBA prop bets.

In layman’s terms, money line betting simply entails choosing a team or player that you feel is likely to end the game on the winning side. Money lines usually come with odds that have the favorites with a negative (-) sign in front of the lines and the underdogs represented by a positive sign (+), as is depicted below. The NBA moneyline bet is one of the most common wagers that bettors place on NBA games.

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That number also indicates how much money you need to bet/spend in order to win $100.

Once that has been selected, the bettor then enters the amount they want to risk on that moneyline bet and clicks the Place Bet button to finalize the wager. NFL moneyline odds, whether they are Las Vegas odds or odds in another state, can move before the start of a football game. Interestingly enough, the odds for NFL moneylines are closely correlated to the lines of NFL point spreads. If a team is a three-point favorite, for example, their moneyline odds would pay more than a team that is a ten-point favorite. Usually when the spread moves before a game, the moneyline does as well. In this example of an NFL moneyline bet, let’s say that the New York Giants are facing the Philadelphia Eagles.

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